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Makhmalbad Farm

This Farm is situated in hilly area surrounded by 7 different hills. Between the high peaks there are 7 valleys with rich greenery with different types of plants are grown. This beautiful location is situated 15 km from Nashik City in the North direction on Peth Road.

Salient Features:

  • Rain Water Conservation System with Natural Resources.
  • Many varieties of Mango trees are planted which are brought from all over the Country.
  • Crops in all three seasons are being taken.
  • Medicinal plants like Shatawari, Gulwel etc. are planted in the valley.

Mhasrul Farm

This farm is situated near Mahsrul village. It is used for experimentation of different projects by the Agricultural and Agricultural Engineering College students.

Salient Features:

  • This farm is especially developed for Agriculture College students experiment purpose, to study about different crops, spices experimentation, modifications and research in Agriculture.
  • Total land is used for Agriculture College students for experimentation, experiential learning units, and research work.
  • Utilized for seed production of various Crops and the agricultural Engineering field trials.
  • Decorated with 45 different species of flowering trees, 30 fruit trees, 2 types of medicinal plants and 5 Ornamental plants.

Vilholi Farm

Vilholi Farm is looked after by K.K. Wagh College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology. This farm is situated in the hilly area under the stage of development. The total area of this farm is 08.71 Hectares in which 03 hectares land is irrigated. Different types of seasonal crops & Fruit crops are taken including 3500 different types of Fruit trees, Medicinal Plant, Wood trees and Forest trees.

Currently, in Vilholi farm “High Density Mango Tree Plantation” programme is run by the college in which 1063 Mango plantation was done in 48.28R field (nearly 1 acre).The plant to plant spacing is maintained 3×3 feet and Row to Row distance is maintained 14 × 14 feet.

  • Seasonal Crops: Soybean, Gram etc.
  • Fruit Crops: Sapota, Guava, Custard Apple, Lemon, Tamarind, Banana etc.
  • Medicinal Plants: Phistel Palm, Chandan, Ghypat, Kadipatta, Adulasa, Phalsa Kala Dhotra, Hirda, Beheda etc.
  • Wood Trees: Goldan Bambu, Sag etc.
  • Forest Trees: Kashia, Kavat, Shewga, Butter Fruit etc.

College Farm Details

Name of Farm
Area of Farm(ha)
Irrigated land(ha)
Non-Irrigated land(ha)
Makh malabad
2 Mhasrul 3.63 3.63 (Drip Irrigation in Polyhouse) -
3 Vilholi 8.71 3.00 5.71
Total 22.6 6.63 15.97
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