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Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering(SWCE)

SWCE Department SWCE Department
Sr NoName of EquipmentQty
1Hydromat Anemometer cup counter IS 5912:19705
2LYNX-Automatic level Model LAL 46 in FRP box without AL stand SR.No.512298,512288,512083,512864,5128694
3Abney level with case5
4AE-37 Leveling Staff Aluminum HNTR12
5Digital caliper1
6HT-314 core cutter IS 2720(part XXIV)19665
7Consolidation apparatus single cell with dial gauge1
8Laboratory California Bearing ratio Test apparatus1
9Compression Tension proving ring capacity 2KN1
10Chute Spillway Model (Wooden)1
11LYNX-DL-9 Dumpy level In FRP box with AL stand SR.No.12721,1
12Digital Planimeter 1
13KP-90N SR. NO.508194 &5081902
14Direct shear apparatus,2KN1
15Digital Luxmeter 1
16Drop Spillway Model(Wooden)1
17Drop Inlet Spillway Model(Wooden)1
18Sieve brass frame,20 cm dia.425 micron 10
19HT-417 Gyratory Sieve Shaker1
20New Hindustan Hair Hydrograph IS 5900:19702
21Hand level, LM 12134
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